Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history. He recently answered some questions from the small trainees in the training camp, including James and Kobe who have a high historical status. Jordan did not hesitate to choose Kobe. The reason is that Kobe’s 5 totals The champion is bigger than James’s, and he thinks he is stronger than Kobe, even though Kobe has stolen all his footwork skills. In the recent interaction between Jordan and the fans, he was asked about the issue of Durant joining the Warriors. Jordan believes that Durant has no problem with joining the Warriors. As a free agent, he has the right to join any team and to Durant. The practice expressed support, but at the same time said that he would not do this.

Unlike Durant, when James joined the Heat to form the Big Three, Jordan ridiculed James “holding his thighs” and said he would not join Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, only to find ways to beat them. The same is the group, Durant’s approach is more than nothing, he joined a team that beats himself, and is a 73-win championship team, but in Jordan’s view the results are very different James was opposed and Durant got support. Among the active players, in addition to James and Durant, Jordan also believes that the Spurs’ Leonard is the best offensive and defensive player in the league. Leonard is the popular candidate for MP last season and has won the best of the year. The defensive player, when asked if he can score on Leonard’s head, Jordan thinks it can’t, and said Leonard may be the best player in the game. The three superstars in active service, Leonard has been in the position of Jordan’s mind, and James is undoubtedly the worst of the black.